Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vintage Oddball Week, Part 4: No Subtitle

A pile of miscellany this day. Roll 'em.

1947-1966 Exhibits Ted Kluszewksi. This particular one has been narrowed down to 1954-1956. I choose to believe 1954.

1947-1966 Exhibits Ed Bailey. This version was only made in 1961, and much less cool than the Klu.

1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball Contest Cards Milt Pappas. Nice airbrush job.

1976 Linnett Superstars Cesar Geronimo. These are huge. 5x7 huge.

1976-1979 Hostess. I have miles to go finishing the Reds Hostess series. Too many megastars.

1969 Globe Imports Playing Cards Chico Cardenas, Jim Maloney. These may be the easiest-to-forge cards of all time. They're on regular thickness printer paper. And printed only with black ink. Perhaps that's why they're so cheap. I'm only missing Pete Rose for the team set. Never even seen it.

1969 Milton Bradley Tommy Harper, Lee May. You can buy the game these came in, including the complete card run, for $955 on eBay. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

1976 Greyhound Heroes of the Base Paths Joe Morgan. I love this card very much.

1978 Player Patches Joe Morgan, Tom Seaver. I don't know who made these, but the interwebs tells me they were made in '78. So I believe it. These are Dick Perez-level portraits, boy.

I have indeed run out of suitable oddballs from prior to my birth. I suppose a 1980's oddball series could be in store, but my goodness that would take months.

Go Reds.

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  1. Great stuff. All these oddballs are great for team collecting... A company named Penn made the patches