Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Show Bleeds the Money - Part 3

Last round of show goodness today. Let's roll.

Where better to begin than with 1975 Topps Miniatures? Nowhere. That's where. I'm down to needing 9 of these, mostly the stars. I'll be kind of sad when I'm done with this set, as the appeal of finding cheap minis will be gone.

1970's Hostess Joe Morgan, George Foster. Yeah, I forget which years these are, and I'm too lazy to do a 10-second Google search. But suffice to say, these were printed on some junk food boxes sometime in the 1970's, cut out poorly, covered in filth, somehow not thrown away, then slowly worked their way into my binders after being owned by probably 20 other people. Weird.

1970-something Kellogg's Cesar Geronimo. Same deal as above, with 'inside a box of cereal' being the definitive phrase.

1967 Fleer Laughlin World Series Yankees vs. Reds 1961. The Reds got whooped in this series. Still counts toward The Collection, though.

1968 Topps Jimmie Schaffer. This is a fairly boring card, but I sent a copy out for a TTM (successfully) and it needed replaced. Done.

1967 Topps Tommy Helms ASR. This is one of them high-number, high-falutin' short prints. And in tremendous shape, surprisingly.

1967 Topps Tony Perez. Another short print, but of a Hall of Famer. Tough card. A little beat up, but perfectly acceptable, and certainly above average based on the rest of my 60's Topps. Friggin sweet card.

Go Reds. And aw hell, why not? Go Royals.

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