Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Completely Red: 1989 Bowman

The big Bowman comeback set turned 25 this year. This set is widely hated due to its too-big-for-nine-pocket-pages-ness, and rightfully so. These came out two years before I started collecting, so I didn't have too many, but every one I did have had the classic horizontal crease up top due to being crushed in card box or sticking out the top of a page slot. Since every instance of '89 Bowman in my collection was sullied, I felt oddly compelled when I saw a complete set for sale around 1994 for a few bucks. It was trivially more expensive than the Griffey RC would have been on its own, so why not go for it? I get home only to find it WAS NOT a complete set. It was missing one card. Yes, that one. I tell the dealer this next time I see him and he doesn't believe me. This was the beginning of my pure hatred for profiteers selling cards versus collectors selling cards. A collector would have been profusely apologetic. A profiteer would have no problem ripping off a kid of three dollars.

As far as the set, I don't actually think it's that bad. The size issue just brings the hate out in most people, but... actually, you know what? No. The set really isn't very good is it? The action shots are framed oddly, the portraits are a little too close, and that logo stands out too much. That Griffey-Griffey card is pretty cool though.


Cards - 19

RC's - 2 (Rob Dibble, Chris Sabo)

All Stars - 12 (John Franco, Danny Jackson, Rob Dibble, Tom Browning, Bo Diaz, Manny Trillo, Chris Sabo, Barry Larkin, Paul O'Neill, Joel Youngblood, Eric Davis, Ken Griffey)

Hall of Famers - 1 (Barry Larkin)

Reds Hall of Famers - 7 (Ken Griffey, Eric Davis, Jose Rijo, Tom Browning, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Ron Oester)

Windbreakers - 6

"I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller" - 0

"I Wish I Was a Baller" - 19

"I Wish I Had a Girl Who Looked Good" - I would call 'er


 259 Ken Griffey Sr./Jr.
 299 Jeff Sellers
 300 Jose Rijo 
 301 John Franco 
 302 Rick Mahler 
 303 Ron Robinson 
 304 Danny Jackson 
 305 Rob Dibble RC
 306 Tom Browning 
 307 Bo Diaz 
 308 man Tiffanyny Trillo 
 309 Chris Sabo RC
 310 Ron Oester 
 311 Barry Larkin 
 312 Todd Benzinger 
 313 Paul O'Neill 
 314 Kal Daniels 
 315 Joel Youngblood 
 316 Eric Davis 

Go Reds.


  1. I have to admit I like the simple frame, the facsimile signature, and the colorful Bowman logo. And three Griffeys for the price of two? I should love this set, but don't get me wrong. I don't.

    Did you ever land the Griffey RC?

    1. I did. I put it in a nice sleeve and slid it into it's spot in the box. Then, years later, it fell victim to the 'give all my cards to my cousins' purge.

    2. I got you covered if you need one.

    3. I don't, but thanks. Once I start introducing non-Reds cards into the collection, it's a slippery slope into poverty. I am no longer the scatter-shot artist of my younger days.