Sunday, May 18, 2014

Completely Red: 1983 Topps

This set is quite nice. Fleer and Donruss were putting out pretty lame sets for a couple years by now, and Topps blew them out of the water with this set. At least, it blew them out of the water in terms of lasting awesomeness. I have no idea if this is true sales-wise. It probably was. This was before i was out of diapers, so my professional business acumen was sorely lacking.

The base and traded sets contain 37 Reds cards, including 5 in the most-excellent Super Veterans subset (2 in their current jerseys and 3 in their rookie year jerseys), a Concepcion All Star, and a Cedeno/Soto Team Leader card. We also have the last regular base card of Johnny Bench and a single RC (Gary Redus).


Cards - 37

RC's - 1 (Gary Redus)

All Stars - 9 (Johnny Bench, Tom Hume, Pete Rose, Mario Soto, Cesar Cedeno, Lee May, Dave Concepcion, Tony Perez, Tom Seaver)

Hall of Famers - 3 (Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Tom Seaver)

Reds Hall of Famers - 8 (Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, Mario Soto, Lee May, Tom Seaver, Dan Dreissen, Ron Oester)

Spectacles - 2 Pair (Tom Hume, Alan Knicely)

Sexy Pete Rose Haircuts - 2

Iwo Jima Flag Pole Re-Enactments - 1 (Dave Concepcion)


34 Paul Householder
60 Johnny Bench
61 Johnny Bench SV
86 Tom Hume
101 Pete Rose SV
112 Bob Shirley
139 Bruce Berenyi
165 Dan Driessen
191 Joe Price
215 Mario Soto
243 Duane Walker
269 Ron Oester
296 Greg Harris
322 Dave Van Gorder
351 Reds TL Cesar Cedeno & Mario Soto
374 Wayne Krenchicki
378 Lee May SV
400 Dave Concepcion AS
423 Tom Lawless
449 Eddie Milner
475 Cesar Cedeno
527 Larry Biittner
554 Mike Vail
580 Tom Seaver
581 Tom Seaver SV
607 Charlie Leibrandt
632 Alex Trevino
658 Frank Pastore
684 Rafael Landestoy
716 Tony Perez SV
720 Dave Concepcion
756 Russ Nixon MG
11T Dann Bilardello
35T Rich Gale
57T Alan Knicely
88T Charlie Puleo
94T Gary Redus XRC

Go Reds.