Thursday, May 8, 2014

Completely Red: 1971 Topps

Ah, what a great set. We need more black in card design. This team set took awhile to be completed since I decided that all the World Series cards would count, even if there were no Reds involved. This resulted in a desire to have the cards, but an unwillingness to pay for them, since they had no Reds on them. I finally broke down and bought the last one off the 'bay, and now this 43 card beast is done.

Also complicating matters is a ton of sweet, sweet Reds goodness: a Dave Concepcion RC, 3 Leaders cards, 4 NLCS cards, 6 World Series cards, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, and a high-number short print Sparky Anderson. Many of these are beat up, which is famously magnified by the black design, but I don't mind. I'm just happy that it's done.


Cards - 43

RC's - 2 (Dave Concepcion, Don Gullett)

All Stars - 12 (Concepcion, May, Nolan, Rose, McRae, Bench, Helms, Simpson, Carroll, Merritt, McGlothlin, Perez)

Hall of Famers - 3 (Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Sparky Anderson)

Reds Hall of Famers - 12 (Helms, Carroll, Granger, Nolan, Bench, Perez, Anderson, Concepcion, Gullett, May, Borbon, Seaver [even though he's wearing some other hideous jersey])

Chipping - Maximum

Creases - Aplenty


14 Dave Concepcion
40 Lee May
64 NL RBI Leaders Johnny Bench Reds, Tony Perez Reds, Billy Williams Cubs
66 NL Home Run Leaders Johnny Bench Reds, Billy Williams Cubs, Tony Perez Reds
68 NL ERA Leaders Tom Seaver Mets, Wayne Simson Reds, Luke Walker Pirates
75 Gary Nolan
100 Pete Rose
124 Don Gullett
164 Reds Rookies-Frank Duffy-Milt Wilcox
177 Hal McRae
190 Bob Tolan 
199 NL Playoff Game 1-Cline pinch-triple decides it!
200 NL Playoff Game 2-Tolan scores for third time
201 NL Playoff Game 3-Ty Cline scores winning run
202 NL Playoff Summary-Reds celebrate
218 Tony Cloninger
250 Johnny Bench
272 Tommy Helms
293 Pat Corrales
319 Ty Cline 
327 World Series Game 1-Powell homers to opposite Field
328 World Series Game 2-Buford Goes 2-for-4
329 World Series Game 3-F.Robinson Shows Muscles
330 World Series Game 4-Reds stay alive
331 World Series Game 5-B.Robinson Commits Robbery
332 World Series Summary-Orioles celebrate
339 Wayne Simpson
357 Cincinnati Reds-Team Card
377 Greg Garrett
379 Wayne Granger
394 Clay Carroll
420 Jim Merritt
457 Willie Smith
478 Bernie Carbo
496 Woody Woodward
538 Angel Bravo
556 Jim McGlothlin
580 Tony Perez
613 Pedro Borbon
632 Darrel Chaney
644 Jim Stewart SP
688 S.Anderson MG SP
731 Jim Qualls SP

Go Reds.

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  1. Love this set. Just completed it about 3 weeks ago.