Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Trade Goodness, Griffey Style

Again, I compel you to vote in the first group of the Ugstravaganza.
The first half of Jeremy's stack was posted yesterday
And now the rest of the goods, including a doozy at the end.

1997 Leaf X-Axis Die Cuts Jeff Brantley. I had never even seen one of these. I wasn't even aware they existed. Now I must have them all.

2007 Bowman Prospects Orange Habelito Hernandez #'d/250. My scanner doesn't even come close to showcasing just how orange this is. It's a neon bomb of orange. And only 250 of em.

2005 Topps Gold Eric Milton #'d/2005, 2008 Topps Gold Jeremy Affeldt #'d/2008, 2011 Topps Gold Arthur Rhodes #'d/2011, 2011 Bowman Gold Aroldis Chapman RC. These will do nicely.

2005 Upper Deck Artifacts Promo Ken Griffey Jr. I don't know the nature of the promotion, I just know it's different from my base card thanks to the UD PROMO foil. This will be heretofore known as the third best Griffey sent.

2002 Leaf Certified Certified Skills Mirror Red Ken Griffey Jr. #'d/150. The design is a bit (read: a lot) busy and odd. BUT a Griffey serial numbered out of a mere 150 is big time stuff. This will be heretofore known as the second best Griffey sent. How does one top a Griffey serialed to 150?

Boom. 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man Electric Rainbow Ken Griffey Jr. #'d/40. Forty. By far the rarest Griffey I have. Once you go south of 50, we're talking serious business. Man, I love this card. I'd also love to meet someone trying to collect a complete 1200 card set of this parallel. I just made it that much more difficult, because you ain't gettin' this one, buddy.

Thanks again, Jeremy.

Go Reds.

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