Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Late to the Party: 2014 Topps Opening Day

First, of course, go vote in Group 2 of the Ugstravaganza.
These came a few days ago. Gotta love cheap cards. Is foil stamping really that cost prohibitive or is it just a marketing ploy? HMMMMMMMMMMM. Yeah. Ain't no thang. More cards is good.

Four of the Reds in the set were not in Flagship Series 1, so here's a preview of some Series 2:
Good lookin' Cingrani, there. And I do believe Phillips is ridin' the pony in that photo.

Here's the rest of the team set, except for Billy Hamilton. All photos from Flagship Series 1.

Picked up a few of the Blue Sparklies. They went with a thicker card stock for these than the base cards, which was a pleasant surprise. And they're serial numbered to 2014, of course. These go for cheaper than the parallels for the flagship, which is odd, as their population is identical to the Golds and much less than the Red Sparklies. I guess they have the Opening Day stank on em or something. 

Breaking Out inserts Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. I...I just don't know. Channeling mid-90's Fleer a little bit here.

More inserts. Fired Up Brandon Phillips (tacky as hell, but I love it). Fourth year in a row Opening Day Stars has included Joey Votto in their Sportflics-inspired set. And the second year we have a Superstar Celebrations Jay Bruce (the other being 2011). All sweet.

One of our three mascots, the one that makes the least sense is often included as an insert. I don't care for The Gapper. But I bought this anyway.

But all is forgiven with this card. Between Innings insert of the Cincinnati Mascot Races. This is Mr. Redlegs outpacing Rosie Red. Look at dat stache. So good. I love this card. Also, I think these races are rigged, man.

Go Reds.


  1. Oooh I like that Mascot Race card. I can't stand Gapper either. Plus we have four mascots now...Mr. Red was reintroduced last year.

    1. oh is he back? Mr Red is friggin creepy.