Sunday, April 27, 2014

Late to the Party: 2014 Gypsy Queen

New Gypsy finally came into my possesion. My Reds snagged a whopping 18 cards in the 350 card set. I only picked up 16 of em, as I can never bring myself to buy short prints. And making Billy Hamilton a short print is just not fair. So I fart in Topps' general direction on that one. At some point I'd like the Eric Davis though. Maybe in 3 years it'll be in a quarter box.

As far as the set itself, well, it's Gypsy Queen. We know what it's about by now. This year they moved the title to the bottom and hit it with whatever Photoshop filter they use and extra time or two, which yielded some pretty grisly faces. We still have the usual cast of retirees: Robinson, Perez, Bench, and Morgan. And Topps must know something about David Holmberg that no one else does, as he gets his second card of the year, after Heritage. Not bad for a guy with 1 major league appearance. Here be all the non-SP cards from the Cincinnati National League squad.

Go Reds.

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