Friday, April 18, 2014

Completely Red: 2009 Choice Dayton Dragons

Printed as a custom issue for the Reds Low-A affiliate Dayton Dragons by Choice Sports Cards in 2009, this 10 card set was made in the Dragons' 10th year to honor some of the greats that have passed through town wearing the Dragon green. A little bit on the Dragons: they started in Rockford Illinois in 1988, affiliated with Expos. Later they would be affiliated with the Royals, Cubs, and finally Reds, who moved them to Dayton in 2000. They would later set the professional sports record for consecutive sellouts with 815. It's currently up to an insane 991 (I believe) and should pass 1,000 in May.

I picked this set up from an old couple at a show who had TONS of oddball Reds goodies, but the pricing on all their stuff was completely insane, in one direction or the other. This set was like a buck fifty, so it was an easy decision.


Cards - 10

MLB All Stars - 4 (Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Adam Dunn, Edwin Encarnacion)

2014 Money Tied Up in these Guys - $65 million


01 Jay Bruce
02 Wily Mo Pena
03 Austin Kearns
04 Adam Dunn
05 Paul Janish
06 Johnny Cueto
07 Homer Bailey
08 Chris Dickerson
09 Edwin Encarnacion
10 Joey Votto

Go Reds.


  1. That's quite a checklist for a single-A team. Nice set.

  2. Wow that is quite a list of Single A guys that probably will never ever.... see the light of a MLB ball park :P