Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vote in the Ridiculous Elite Eight

Three more rounds of voting to go in The Ridiculous Card Tournament, fellow cardboardians. You're voting today on every single card remaining of the original 512 card pool. Pretty sweet. I've been pretty surprised with a lot of the results. Let's see if the patterns continue.

Voting closes Monday at noon eastern. Go Reds.

(1) 1973 Topps Johnny Bench vs. (9) 1976 Topps Johnny Bench

(13) 1972 Topps Tony Perez vs. (21) 1953 Topps Ted Kluszewski

(50) 1956 Topps Rocky Bridges vs. (10) 1964 Topps Frank Robinson

(3) 1970 Topps Johnny Bench vs. (22) 1957 Topps Ted Kluszewski

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