Saturday, January 18, 2014

TTM Goodness - Five from the 90's

I'll get all these backlogged TTM's up before the new season starts. I have to. I plan on a bigger TTM year this year than last. I'm pumped.

Ricky Bones played with 7 teams during his 11 year pro career (Brewers, Yankees, Reds, Royals, Orioles and Marlins). His Reds career consisted of 9 appearances (2 starts) in 1997. After retirement, he began his career as a pitching coach in the minors before becoming the bullpen coach for the Mets, where he currently resides. Signed is a 1997 Ultra #331.

Jack Daugherty played with 4 teams in his 7 year career  (Expos, Rangers, Astros, and Reds). His final major league year was in Cincy in 1993, where he made 71 plate appearances. Daugherty is currently a hitting coach for the Padres' farm system. Singed is a 1994 Score #146.

Steve Cooke played for 2 teams in his 6 year career. His first 5 years were with the Pirates and his final year was with the Reds in 1998, where his got a win in his only appearance: a 6-inning, 1 ER performance. Signed is a 1998 Upper Deck #666.

Chris Sexton played in the bigs for two years: 1999 with the Rockies and 2000 with the Reds, who drafted him in 1993. For the Reds, he found himself at the plate in 35 games. Signed is a 1994 Topps #527.

Brian Koelling was drafted by the Reds in 1991 and found himself in the majors only two years later, playing in 7 games for Cincy in 1993. These 7 games would be his only ones on the major league level. Signed is a 1993 Bowman #554.

Go Reds.

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