Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scan Dump: Dust Collector Edition

I've gotten into the habit of scanning every new card I come across, for posterity I suppose. This means I have a big ol' folder of un-posted goodness with no real purpose. It's turned into random, lazy scan dumpings, like this one here. Today's theme will be Chrome, aka, The Dust Collector Parallel. So much static. So many errant electrons. I've made pretty good progress in going back in time for older Chrome sets. Wait about 6-8 years and they drop down to base card prices. Let's roll.

We'll start off strong with some Chrome Rookie Refractor goodness of Johnny Cueto. Here's hoping he can stay healthy this year.

2005 Topps. Sure.

2005 Bowman. Yep.

1999 Topps. Mmm hmm.

2012 Prizm. Not technically Chrome, but it's totally Chrome.

200something Bowman. I'm bad with recognizing Bowman sets.

More 200something Bowman.

2002 Topps with some Traded. Traded is tough to find.

Got some Bowman International, not to be confused with Bowman Chrome International. Both collect an ample amount of dust.

Hey how bout some 200something Bowman again? Alright.

What's that? 200something Bowman? Yessir.

And closing it out with some Topps. It seems like there should be some script on that team card. I thought I found a printing error or something, but nope. Just a lack of lettering.

Well alrighty. Go Reds.