Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Red Cardboard? How 'bout You Stop Spending All Your Money on Cards? Part 1/2

And to that I say, "No, sir." Went on another little spree on COMC recently. The perfect place for scatter-shot collectors such as myself. I usually go with a vintage majority over there, but not this time. A scant eleven of the thirty-two cards were from before 1977. I was itching for some serial/parallel goodness more so than usual. That, and my vintage needs have shrunk quite a lot, which is nice.

I'll save the serials and parallels for tomorrow. Today, we'll check out most of the vintage from the haul, and the four autos I picked up. As usual, my ~$30 goal was in effect. The entire order came to $29.65. Sweet.

1962 Post Frank Robinson. I haven't picked up a '60s Post card in a while. This is my 22nd from the 3-year run, of which there are 37. Not bad. This one has a mouse bite taken out of the lower corner, but that can't distract from the awesomeness of a Frank Robinson oddball.

Let's see, we have here a 1976 Dave Concepcion, a 1970 Tony Perez, a 1971 Wayne Simpson (with some Mets dude who would become a Red at the end of the decade), and a 1973 Bill Plummer. Are they Topps, you ask? No sir...

O-Pee-Chee, baby. Love seeing that 'Printed in Canada' line. And the slightly different hue on the back. And the slightly different card stock. And the terrible cutting jobs. Sweet.

1965 Topps Marty Keough, 1967 Topps Dick Simpson, 1960 Topps Eddie Kasko. Three cards sent out for successful TTMs last year, finally replaced in the vintage Topps binder. Excellent.

2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Zack Cozart. Cozart was a late-season fill-in at shortstop in 2011 before getting injured after a mere 11 games. He has been our regular shortstop for the past two seasons. I like him, despite his lack of hitting prowess.

2008 Upper Deck Signatures Kirk Saarloos. I find this card quite good-lookin'. Saarloos only spent one year in Cincy, pitching in 34 games in 2007. He also spent time with the A's and the Astros. And I like his name.

2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs Justin Reed. Drafted by the Reds, Reed spent 2006 through 2010 in our minor leagues, never making it passed A+. He spent 2013 in the independent United League.

2005 Donruss Autographs Jacob Cruz. Cruz spent 9 years in the bigs, the last two of which were in Cincy, playing in over 200 games. He also spent time with the Giants, Indians, Rockies, and Tigers.

Next half of the pile will be posted tomorrow. Go vote in the sidebar for the latest Ridiculousness. And Go Reds.

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  1. Looks like you have the same COMC habits as myself. Always over $20.00 but usually less than $40.00. $3 dollar shipping is a smokin deal. Just sent you link to another site. Check it out