Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Completely Red - 1981 Donruss

Today's edition of Completely Red will look at the first set released by Donruss in 1981. The Topps monopoly finally blew up, so Donruss and Fleer rushed their releases to market. While not a strong set, the redeeming quality is the bevy of action shots. Of the meager 21 Reds in the set, 18 feature an action shot (most, it seems, taken during a single day). Donruss decided future Hall of Famers Johnny Bench and Tom Seaver were too great to be featured on merely one base card, so a second was thrown in. Sure, why not? This of course means that only 19 Reds made the cut. In an interesting move, Donruss went with a list of career highlights on the back instead of a comprehensive stat line. While nice, they would abandon this the next year. Let's check the stats.


Cards - 21

RC's - 2 (Paul Householder, Charlie Leibrandt)

All Stars - 8 (Ray Knight, Johnny Bench x2, Mario Soto, George Foster, Dave Concepcion, Mike LaCoss, Ken Griffey, Tom Seaver x2)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Johnny Bench x2, Tom Seaver x2)

Reds Hall of Famers - 8 (Johnny Bench x2, Dave Concepcion, Mario Soto, George Foster, Ken Griffey, Tom Seaver x2, Cesar Geronimo, Dan Driessen)
Left Handed Batting Stances - 8

Dirty, Filthy Cubs Jerseys - 1


61 Ray Knight
62 Johnny Bench
63 Mario Soto
64 Doug Bair
65 George Foster
181 Dave Concepcion
182 Johnny Bench
183 Mike LaCoss
184 Ken Griffey
185 Dave Collins
301 Dan Driessen
302 Joe Nolan
303 Paul Householder
304 Harry Spilman
305 Cesar Geronimo
421 Charlie Leibrandt RC
422 Tom Seaver
423 Ron Oester
424 Junior Kennedy
425 Tom Seaver
554 Mike Vail

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