Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Completely Red: 1973 Topps

A lot of variety with this Reds set. We've got 23 regular base cards, 3 league leader cards, a managers card, 9 playoffs/World Series cards (some of which aren't really Reds cards, but showcase the '72 World Series which they were in), a multi-team rookie card, a team card, and a sneaky Johnny Bench cameo, on another Hall of Famer's card, nonetheless. For you math experts out there, that's 39 cards from the set I felt the need to hunt down.

As far as design, Topps was dull gray in 1970, simple black in 1971, then an LSD-induced haze in 1972. They decided to follow that up with simple white in 1973. There's still a splotch of color encircling the position silhouettes, but this set would start a white-as-the-main-color trend (exception, obviously, is 1975). The periodic action shots and the variety make it an excellent Reds set, though, so the white works.

The Reds were coming off of two World Series losses in 1970 and 1972 and were starting to perfect their near-perfect Big Red Machine roster that would surface in 1975. Let's check the stats.


Cards - 39

RC's - 2 (Bill Plummer, Mel Behney)

All Stars - 16 (Hal McRae, Denis Menke, Johnny Bench x3, Clay Carroll x2, Jack Billingham, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Gary Nolan, Tony Perez, Jim McGlothlin, Ross Grimsley, George Foster, Dave Concepcion)

Hall of Famers - 6 (Johnny Bench x3, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Sparky Anderson)

Reds Hall of Famers - 15 (Clay Carroll x2, Gary Nolan, Jack Billingham, Johnny Bench x3, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Sparky Anderson, Dave Concepcion, Don Gullett, George Foster, Cesar Geronimo, Pedro Borbon)

Vintage In-Game Action Shots - 15

All-Time Non-Reds Making Appearances - Dick Allen, Sparky Lyle, Bert Campaneris, Willie McCovey


8 Tom Hall
28 Hal McRae
52 Denis Menke 
62 Johnny Bench - Dick Allen LL HR
63 Johnny Bench - Dick Allen LL RBI
68 Clay Carroll - Sparky Lyle LL Fireman  
89 Jack Billingham
130 Pete Rose
156 Cesar Geronimo
177 Bill Plummer
195 Clay Carroll
202 NL Playoffs Foster's Run Decides it
205 World Series Game 3  Reds win a squeaker
207 World Series Game 5 Odom out at the plate
208 World Series Game 6 Red's Sluggers tie series
230 Joe Morgan
260 Gary Nolan
275 Tony Perez
296 Reds Mgr/Coaches
318 Jim McGlothlin
335 Bob Tolan
357 Ross Grimsley
380 Johnny Bench
399 George Foster
447 Joe Hague
492 Pedro Borbon
507 Darrel Chaney
533 Larry Stahl
554 Dave Concepcion
595 Don Gullett 
602 Rookie Pitchers Mel Behney - Ralph Garcia - Doug Rau
626 Bob Barton
641 Reds Team 

410 Willie McCovey  ft. Johnny Bench

Go Reds.


  1. Sparky Anderson is not just in the Reds hall of fame,he is also in the baseball hall of fame.

    1. thanks. i have a memory of typing it, but i must be crazy.