Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soft Drugs and The Wiener the World Awaited - Card Show Shenanigans - Part 1

First of all, be sure to vote in Round 1 Group 2 of The UberRidiculous Card Tournament. Post is here. Voting is in the sidebar and ends tomorrow at noon, ceding to Group 3 soon after. Second, I hit up the quarterly Veterans Memorial Show in Columbus yesterday, so my loot will be interspersed among the tourney posts for a bit. Today I offer three over-sized vintage oddballs I nabbed from a vendor who's never short in delicious delectables.

1953 Red Man Tobacco Ted Kluszewski. 

Hefty crease aside, I picked up my first Red Man a few months ago (Bobby Adams) and just assumed that'd be the end of it. But that nasty crease puts this card right in the Red Cardboard wheelhouse of affordability. Remember kids, pester your pop to buy more drugs so you can collect some cards!

1963 Kahn's Don Blasingame and Gordy Coleman. 

Less than a month after my fabled "Wiener Week" where I graced you all with my Kahn's collections, how could I possibly pass up these two beauties? With perhaps the greatest slogan I've ever seen on a card, these went straight on the display shelf. While not nearly as slick as the full color cards they'd release the following year, these still have excellent scarcity. I'm pretty happy about buying these.

These alone would have been sufficient to consider the trip a success. But I'll have much more to show off while you're all stressing over voting. Go Reds.

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