Monday, March 25, 2013

2007 Topps #222 - Scott Hatteberg

Amidst the hundred hours of basketball I watched this weekend, nothing stood out more than the 'sabermatician' Butler employs. Nerdy guy on the sidelines that the coaches consult to decide who starts at small forward that day. Love it. I can't imagine that dude has any real say over the roster, though, but I bet he's got a cushy job since no one around him will have any ability to gauge how well he's doing. I couldn't help but think of the sabermetric poster boy, Scott Hatteberg. Hit .289 and .310 in two full seasons with us. Then in 2008 he was benched in favor of Joey Votto, then released to make room for Jay Bruce. So, yeah. That turned out ok. I like this card though. Great pic of Hatteberg knocking the ball loose (you can see it in front of the catcher's mask). Ain't no math gonna help with toughness.

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