Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1981 Topps Scratchoffs #91b - Ken Griffey

I suppose it was difficult for some kids to refrain from scratching cards like this. The scratch-off style cards of my youth (the 90's) I always managed to avoid scratching. Not out of some faint notion of future value  (I knew a '93 Triply Play scratch card would never be worth anything), but out of just not wanting to ruin the card. That and the little game you play with these isn't terribly entertaining. But not only did the kid who originally nabbed this card avoid scratching, but even avoided perforating the individual players. So my Griffey gets to traverse this mortal coil with an epic Buckner-stache and with Mike Easler donning one of the worst baseball uniforms of all time. Nice. Maybe if another one of these falls into my lap, I'll give it a good scratching.

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