Sunday, March 17, 2013

1953 Red Man Tobacco National League #2 - Bobby Adams

Tobacco cards started out very small at the beginning of the century, but upon their comeback release in the 1950's, they had apparently gone the other way with a whopping 3.5" x 4" release. I don't know when it stops being a card and starts being a poster, but it's still an interesting set, though not terribly well-known. Great artwork. An order of magnitude more realistic than the Topps set of the same year. On the back it says I can redeem 50 (!) stubs for a "big league style" baseball cap of the team of my choice. I don't know how much tobacco was included in a Red Man pouch, but judging by the size of these cards, 50 pouches is quite the endeavor. Ah well. Only 49 stubs to go! Oh wait, offer expired in 1954.

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