Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1909-11 T-206 Hans Lobert

A trip in the way-back machine for this one. What's not to love about the T-206 set? Pop gets his tobacco. Junior gets his collector card. A hundred years later it shows up in my collection. No need for a hyper-expensive pristine-condition version. These beat-up ones survived a century of abuse. They're tough. And a note about Lobert: He once raced a horse around the base paths in a Chad Johnson-esque publicity stunt (he lost by a nose). Nowadays we race sausages and watch frisbee dogs. Not much has changed.


  1. That's a sweet tobacco card. Very nice!

  2. Thanks! The other 5 Reds t206's I have all have the solid yellow background, so this one stands out a bit.